Entrust your property holiday rental experts

Indeed, we are experts when it comes to seasonal rentals in Reunion Island. Stress free renting because we manage : cleaning, the lodgers, the adverts, payments, deposits, keys, upkeeping. We’ve got it all covered!

Furthermore, we’re also here for you when it comes to legal and financial aspects. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any advantages you can get from furnished short term rental of your property. Our N1 mission : ensure profitability from your seasonal rentals in Reunion Island.

On another note, for your tenants full satisfaction, we offer a diverse selection of activities through which they can discover Reunion Island and have their holiday tailored to them.

The advantages of seasonal rentals with Keylodge

Maximized income
Zero risk of
Turnkey services
Owner access
to your property

Delegate with confidence

Starter Pack

The Starter pack, to begin in style

  • Redacting the property advertisement, arrival guide & the welcome booklet
  • Professional photos of the property
  • Inventory & State of fixtures
  • Displays and signage
  • Keybox & the smart key box installation
  • Pricing strategy implementation
  • Marketing the property on the Keylodge website and partner sites (Airbnb, Booking.com, etc.)
  • Access to the Keylodge intranet to follow the activity of your accommodation

Thereafter, daily management of your seasonal rentals

  • Arrival and departure management
  • Handling lodger requests and questions
  • Guarantee deposit management
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Professional cleaning before the arrival of the lodgers
  • Household linen and consumables
  • Pricing strategy optimisation
Starter Pack

Our personalised legal and tax support:

  • Help with creating of your legal structure
  • Declaring of furnished accommodation
  • Atout France accreditation
  • Liability insurance for furnished rentals
  • Helping you understand the different tax options to optimise income

Receive up to


of rental income

Take time for yourself, it’s all under control!

  • Maximise and secure your income
  • Communicate transparently thanks to your owner access to the platform
  • Optimise your visibility on all sales channels
  • Manage your seasonal rental with turnkey services

Testimonials from owners who trust Keylodge

They tried the Keylodge services and this is what they had to say

  • Owner of the Villa Perroquet

    'I wanted to do seasonal rentals, avoiding the constraints of this type of rental, so I chose a concierge agency: Keylodge, for the seriousness of the team, and the quality of the services. Well maintained house, and management in complete transparency.'


  • Owner of the Corail apartment

    'I own a duplex F2, well located and well served in Sainte Clotilde, with a maximum capacity of 4 people that I wanted to rent out as a vacation rental. Keylodge was suggested to me by Facebook. This concierge service provides occupation management of my accommodation and customer management in a very professional and efficient manner. The satisfaction of their services frees me from this management. Therefore I HIGHLY recommend Keylodge.'


  • Owner of Cozylodge and Ombrière apartments

    'I don't take care of anything, everything is managed by Keylodge. I benefit from increased profitability compared to conventional rental. I no longer pay property tax. I I can still enjoy these accommodations if necessary for me, my family or my friends. And to top it all off, my accommodation is kept in perfect condition by Keylodge. To tell you the truth ... I'm in love ... 🙂'


  • Owner of the Villa de la Baie

    'I felt proud at the launch of the rental spot for my villa on the keylodge site. Pride in having successfully completed this project thanks to Stéphane. Since then, another Keylodge team has managed the rentals with just as much professionalism. I really have the feeling of being part of a family. My project is on track we continue to exchange small sms just for the pleasure of hearing from us. A big thank you to the whole keylodge team'