General conditions

1. Preamble
These general conditions apply to all furnished tourist accommodation commercialized by KEYLODGE. The accommodations are rented for residential use only as a seasonal tourist residence with additionnal tourist services and cannot be used for any other purpose. By contracting online, the Customer declares to accept the following general conditions. The contractual information is presented in English and will be subject to a confirmation including this contractual information at the time of the online purchase procedure and by the provision of a booking contract for furnished accommodation rentals. KEYLODGE reserves the right to cancel any order from a Customer with whom there is a previous payment or occupation dispute, a doubt as to his solvency, his honesty, his identity, his right to use the means of payment offered, the potential for behavior likely to embarrass the other occupants or to engage in an illegal activity on the premises, without the latter being able to claim any compensation whatsoever. The validation by the Customer of his order, implies acceptance of these general conditions fully and without reserve. The data recorded by KEYLODGE on the website constitute proof of all of the transactions between it and its Customers. The data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions.  

2. Price
KEYLODGE reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The stays are all billed on the basis of the rates in effect announced online at the time of registration of the reservation. The prices are inclusive of all taxes and are expressed in the toursit currency. They are understood by accommodation and by night, unless indicated otherwise. They do not include tourist tax, or optional additional services. Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site. 

3. Booking and payment
Online payment is secure. The payment of your reservations is made by credit/debit cards directly on CB, Visa, Mastercard are accepted. Prepaid cards, rechargeable or not, are refused. If the customer wishes to make the payment for his stay by another means of payment (check, transfer, or other bank card) or according to other methods (deposit payment in the event of long-term or group stay, reservation very short 'in advance), he must inform the reservation manager directly via the contact form or by email so that other conditions are agreed. In this case, no reservation will be effective before receipt of the agreed payment. To increase the security of payments when ordering by phone, the confirmation of the order, the cryptogram of the credit card used, the copy of an identity document as well as the credit card may be requested in order to validate the booking. These elements will be communicated by email. In any event, the reception of information and documents relating to the reservation must take place within 8 (eight) working days before taking possession of the furnished accommodation.

4. Tourist tax
The tourist tax is included in the rates and will be paid at the time of booking. Its amount is set by the local authority for the buildings managed by KEYLODGE. KEYLODGE is responsible for collecting the tax from the Customer in order to pay it back to the appropriate parties.

5. Deposit
A deposit is required for all reservations. The deposit is collected by Keylodge automatically during the payment. It is a credit/debit card imprint. The access to accommodation cannot be given if the deposit is not secure. The Client will not be reimbursed if the deposit is not secured by the client and access has been refused. Keylodge will be the dispute resolutions centre concerning all degradations or compensations that happened during the stay. The Accommodation & Quality department deals with the processing of deposits as well as the management of damage, compensation. The service can be contacted by email at The deposit will be released within one month of the Customer's departure after finding that no damage, breakage, disappearance of objects or damage requiring repair work condition has not been committed by the Client. The customer will be held responsible for any broken or damaged object and for any damage that may be caused to the facilities during the duration of their stay.

6. Inventory
The inventory of the accommodation is available to the customer the guide book present in the accommodation. The customer must report within 4 hours of arrival any anomalies or damage, not identified in the inventory. After this time, all degradations or anomalies may be charged to the customer in the event that they have not been reported. The Client must check the state of the accommodation upon arrival. In the event that nothing is notified to KEYLODGE concerning the equipment and the state of the accommodation, the inventory is stated as compliant.
When the customer leaves, the KEYLODGE technical teams will proceed with an inventory, the degradations or anomalies noted will be sent by photo as well as the invoice corresponding to the compensation due.
The departure being autonomous in KEYLODGE accommodation, the client is not assisted by a KEYLODGE employee for his departure. The inventory is therefore made after the departure of the customer and cannot be questioned.
The furnished accommodation is fully equipped with crockery, cutlery, bedding, household and bath linen, and household appliances. It is expressly forbidden to use the beds without the sheets. 

7. Modifications of the general and specific conditions by KEYLODGE
If KEYLODGE is forced to make a substantial modification to one of the elements of the contract before the start of the use of the accommodation, the Client may either terminate his contract and obtain reimbursement without penalty immediately of the sums paid, either accept the modification proposed by KEYLODGE without claiming any compensation. An amendment to the contract will then be sent to the Client at the email address indicated by the Client and will be subject to the same initial booking procedure.
8.Modification of the booking conditions by the Customer
If the Client wishes to make changes to his reservation, once it is confirmed, KEYLODGE will do its best to satisfy the specific request. However, if it is impossible, the Client may request the cancellation of the original reservation which will be subject to the cancellation conditions set out in article 9. If illegal activities or disturbances in the neighborhood are noted, KEYLODGE reserves the right to cancel outright and without compensation, the stay by blocking access codes and return of keys. In this specific case, no reimbursement of the sums paid will be made by KEYLODGE. Any appeal must then be made to the head office or to the competent courts (art. 15).   

9. Cancellation conditions
In case of cancellation by the Customer, whatever is the cause, it must imperatively be notified to KEYLODGE or to the booking platform in writing (AR mail or email). A percentage of the price paid will remain definitively acquired by KEYLODGE as administration fees and late cancellation compensation.
In accordance with the terms below:
  • 70% refund for cancellations made up to 11 days before the arrival date.
  • No refunds for cancellations made 10 days or less before the arrival date. 
For all reservations resulting from a reservation made online on the site, the methods applied are as follows:
  • 70% refund for cancellations made up to 15 days before the arrival date.
  • No refunds for cancellations made 14 days or less before the arrival date.
If the cancellation happens within 4 hours after booking, the customer is reimbursed 100%.
If your arrival is delayed after the scheduled date of arrival or if you leave earlier than the scheduled date of departure, no refund or modification can be made to your initial booking confirmation under any circumstances. We strongly recommend that you take out adequate holiday cancellation insurance.
KEYLODGE reserves the right to cancel a reservation following online booking for a reason other than those indicated in the preamble. In this case the Customer's card will be re-credited without delay.

10. Residence access  
Unless otherwise, an access code valid for the common areas and the accommodation is sent to the customer by email and SMS (optional) upon confirmation of the reservation by the online payment site. The accommodation is available to the Client and the effective codes from 2 p.m. on the first day of the stay. On the day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 11 am at the latest. In case of immediate online reservation, a period will be necessary to provide the codes.

11. Accommodations   
All furnished accommodation complies with French security standards and is regularly checked. They are equipped for tourist stays and subject to the classification of Atout France. In the description is systematically specified the maximum number of beds for each rental. The accommodation can not be occupied by a number greater than the one indicated on the booking contract.

12. Forfait Ménage   
The cleaning package set up by KEYLODGE includes:
Cleaning service at end of stay
The provision of a set of household linen per bed, including 2 flat sheets, 2 pillowcases, 2 bath towels, 1 hand towel. There will also be 1 carpet for the bathroom and a kitchen towel.
The provision of welcome products and consumables: 2 shower gels and one soap per double bed, 1 roll of toilet paper per toilet, 1 small trash bag for the bathroom and 1 trash bag for the kitchen, a sponge, 20cl of dishwashing liquid.
No cleaning, laundry or additional product supplies will be provided for the duration of the stay, except by exceptional agreement agreed in writing with KEYLODGE.
For any additional request, this will constitute an optional package which will be payable to the company KEYLODGE.

13. Departure instructions
When you leave the accommodation, the following instructions must be respected:
Clean dishes and put away 
Empty garbage cans: for apartments, the garbage cans are to be thrown into the dumpsters of the residence, for houses, the household waste collection bins must be emptied as well as the interior garbage cans.
Barbecues must be returned clean and usable for future customers.
Turn off lights, air conditioners and fans
Close all doors, windows, and shutters
The key to the accommodation must be returned to a KEYLODGE employee or deposited in the secure "KEYBOX" box provided for this purpose.
In the event of non-compliance with its instructions, a supplement may be invoiced and retained from the deposit.

14. Intellectual property 
All content appearing on the website is protected by copyright and database rights. Any partial or total reproduction of the website, including any copy of texts, visual elements or designs, is prohibited.   

15. Responsability 
KEYLODGE cannot be held responsible for damage or theft of personal effects both in the accommodation and in the common areas. KEYLODGE will not be responsible for fortuitous events of force majeure or nuisance disturbing, interrupting, preventing the stay. KEYLODGE cannot be held responsible for any accident occurring during the stay, or any alteration of the stay linked to weather conditions or external equipment such as swimming pools, jacuzzi, garden, air conditioners, wifi. The following items are made available to travelers free of charge: parking space, internet connection (wifi), air conditioners and fans. An incident on its equipment cannot be the subject of a commercial gesture or reimbursement.

16. Complaints
Any complaints during the stay must be reported immediately by the Client to the booking manager in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If the problem encountered cannot be resolved immediately, the Customer should send a detailed complaint in writing as soon as possible to allow the reservation manager to suggest a solution. The Customer cannot claim any compensation in the event of urgent repairs to be carried out during his stay inside the accommodation.

17. Failure to comply with instructions, posted regulations and additional costs
Noise pollution: Noise pollution and nighttime noise are strictly prohibited from 10 p.m. In the event of non-compliance with this condition: costs will be deducted from the deposit (€ 400.00). The stay can also be suspended by simple request from the KEYLODGE agency or public order without reimbursement of the stay;
Collection of garbage cans: indoor and outdoor garbage cans must be completely emptied upon departure. In the event that this is not carried out, a supplement of € 40.00 will be invoiced on the bank imprint (deposit) linked to the repair costs;
Crockery & Kitchen utensils: The equipment must be cleaned and stored on departure of the traveler otherwise, an additional € 40.00 will be charged on the bank imprint (deposit) related to repair costs;
Refrigerators & Freezers: The equipment must be completely emptied otherwise, an additional € 80.00 will be charged on the bank imprint (deposit) linked to the repair costs;
Barbecue: the barbecue must be cleaned completely and not contain charcoal in its tank otherwise, an additional € 80.00 will be charged on the bank imprint (deposit) linked to the repair costs.
18. Jurisdiction
The parties expressly assign jurisdiction to the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Montpellier.