• Keylodge
  • 153 avenue Marcel Hoarau
    97490 Sainte-Clotilde
    La Réunion
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Us, our team, our story



Romain combined his real estate skills, his entrepreneurial mindset and his experience in seasonal rentals to create Keylodge. His number one priority is his clients so he makes it a point of honour to accompany you from A to Z in all your steps. His vision of the future and his perseverance enables him to do everything possible to bring your projects to fruition. With Romain, nothing is impossible.


Properties & Quality

Aïdée ensures the quality of your accommodation. Nothing is to small to escape her eye, as she likes to say: ” It’s all in the details". She handles any maintenance problems with a master's hand, the team actually call her 911!


Bookings & Activities

When Jérémy is not pampering our travellers, he is testing the quality of the Keylodge activities,. Doesn’t sound to bad of a job does it? A question about your booking ? It’d be our sportsman's pleasure to answer any questions you may have, or simply have a chat.


Pricing Strategy

Damien is our Pythagoras! Numbers are second nature He analyses, compares, verifies, studies, examines a lot of data to display the perfect price for your home and maximize your income.


Marketing & communications

And Sandra, our marketing fanatic! Her mission: harness her vivid imagination in order to improve your customer experience to perfection. Challenge accepted! Don’t hesitate to catch up with her on social networks and like her publications, she loves it!