We want to protect our guest from unforeseen circumstances due to coronavirus (COVID-19). We have created this refund policy to make sure you can book your stay with great serenity!


Keylodge will refund you if your stay is made impossible by measures taken by the Public Authorities: lockdown, compelling reason, from your place of residence or your place of destination during the period of stay. Keylodge will refund you if the guest is sick with COVID-19 (medical proof attesting to the impossibility of a trip, positive COVID test).

The guest must attach to his cancellation request the documents justifying this lockdown, an compelling reason (proof of address, decree of the Public Authorities, Proof).

This policy does not apply to the following other reasons: beaches, bars and restaurants closed, personal concern, infrastructures partially closed. This policy is valid for any stay from 02/26/2021 to 12/31/2021 and is not retroactive.

The amounts paid as part of the payment of the stay will be refunded.

This policy is not valid for a stay paid for via a voucher. A stay paid via a voucher will be replaced by a new voucher of the same amount.

Following the update of the protection measures applicable to Réunion published on 07/29/2021 on the reunion.gouv.fr site, reservations made before 07/29/2021 will be maintained for the period from 07/31/2021 to 08/16/2021 following a prefectural decision.

If you wish to cancel your reservation during this period, the general cancellation conditions will apply.

ONLY ONE contact email for inquiries : reservations@keylodge.fr


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